Mail Order Belly Bowls

Blue Folded and Pressed Cable Knit Sweater Baby Bump Bowl from Your Plaster Strip Cast Belly Mold


Send us your plaster cast baby bump belly and we will create an amazing belly bowl! Our draped bowl will take an organic form over your plaster cast. 

The exterior will be textured with our signature crocheted blanket print/texture. Glazed in warm white with the date of creation impressed into the bottom. Use this as a prop for your first newborn photos and display for a lifetime afterward in your home, kitchen, office or studio!

Inside, the bowl is flecked with a hint of your choice of:

1. Taupe and Gray
2. Taupe, Gray and Blue
3. Taupe, Gray and Pink

(See detail images for reference)

Here's how it works:

Take a plaster cast of your belly using plaster strips! Plaster strips can be found at any craft store like Michaels, AC Moore or Hobby Lobby or online through major vendors like Amazon.

Once you purchase your strips, grab a friend and take a cast of your belly! See the tutorial link below for help in the process of casting your belly.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO CAST THE CHEST- ONLY CAST THE BELLY. A smaller cast will also reduce your shipping costs and packaging :) 

Print your name and the date you completed your plaster cast prominently on the bottom of your plaster cast belly. The date you created your cast will be impressed into the base of your belly bowl. 

Our belly bowls measure approximately 13- 13.5 inches across and 4-5 inches in depth.  Exact size will vary with each individual plaster cast

Once you cast is complete (and dry!), package and ship to our studio

In god We Trust Ceramics
33 Kent Street
Suite B
Barrington, RI 02806

We will create your draped belly bowl from your plaster cast and ship both back to you!

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production (FROM THE TIME WE RECEIVE YOUR PLASTER CAST) as each bowl is made by hand to order.

PLEASE SEND YOUR BELLY CAST WITHIN ONE WEEK OF PURCHASING YOUR BELLY BOWL.  Orders placed without completed casts cannot be processed or refunded. 

We always allow maximum dry time to prevent breakage and appreciate your patience in the process! While we typically air on the 4 week end of production, drying times can sometimes push your date back into the 6 week range.  

The sooner we receive your plaster cast belly, the sooner we can get to work!

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