Hand and Foot Print Impressions in Clay

Local? Stop by our Sister Studio in Barrington RI and let us create beautiful hand and foot print impressions in wet clay.  We offer a variety of size and design styles to compliment your home and personality.  Babies are more than pink, green or blue. We offer parent and child hand print inside handprint, and sibling prints as well.  Clay impressions are by appointment only so be sure to call to book ahead.  Wet clay prints take 4-6 weeks to complete due to drying time and multiple firings. All materials used are lead free, non-toxic and water based so they will not stain skin or clothing.  All info is available on our sister site http://www.weirdgirlcreations.com/baby-hand--foot-impressions.html  If you visit our Pinterest page link on Weirdgirl Creations you can view more design options of some of our past work.  

Choosing a House Number: Mixing Function and Aesthetics

nautical house number from www.inGodwetrustceramics.com

Friends of mine just bought a new house- it is PERFECT- it reminds me of a dollhouse!  When I drove through the neighborhood I couldn't help but notice the other homes and of course, the house numbers as I searched for hers.  I drove through a sea of generic Home Depot style house numbers.  I saw a couple of hand painted wooden signs but they were faded and difficult to read.  Then I passed one that I loved- made by US of course!  It was our nautical theme tile in cobalt. 




Custom house number in purple and yellow from www.inGodwetrustceramics.com

 One of the very first things I changed when we bought our 200 year old colonial two years ago was the house number.  For such a special house I felt that the house number was so.... boring.  I thought about finding some old, wrought iron numbers but all of the other hardware on the house is black and I knew that our number would not stand out from the street.  That's why love In God We Trust Ceramics custom house numbers.  There are many color schemes available and sizes to suite your house number whether it is #1 or 1422 or apartment 23C.  




Your house number should be:

  • Visible/readable from the street
  • Address numbers should contrast with the wall in color and finish
more info found on this blog : https://www.mailboxworks.com/blog/house-numbers-visibility-readability/


Thinking of Placing Your Order? 

Please visit the "house number" section of our site to view our size and color scheme options.  http://www.ingodwetrustceramics.com/house-number-tiles/

A house number is a great way to update and personalize your home.  This is also a fantastic housewarming gift!  If you are looking for a great housewarming gift but you don't want to order a house number, check out our name plaques from one of our Etsy shops as well!



Photo Credits:



Article Credits:

  • https://www.mailboxworks.com/blog/house-numbers-visibility-readability/

Pet Prints in Clay For A Cause!

Got pets? We are offering a special Sunday workshop for pet paw print ornaments. Perfect for year round display or Christmas! Bring your furry kids down to weirdgirl and visit us at our outside booth to have your furry friend printed. Gorgeous keepsake for you and yours! All pets must be leashed or crated.. A portion of all proceeds will benefit local animal shelter's and rescues of our choice. Hope to see you there! More info click here http://www.weirdgirlcreations.com/pet-paw-prints-in-clay.html

Realtor Gifts: Break with tradition! Go handmade.

Being a Realtor is tough.  Finding a gift for clients with varying tastes, backgrounds, cultures and traditions is equally tough.  Unfortunately, most people seem to be unaware of the growing issue families face with substance use/abuse.   I'll never forget the Realtor saying 'thank you' as she handed my parents a bottle of wine in front of my recovering sister.  We don't keep alcohol in the house- we don't drink period.  We also have a house full of vegetarians which made the Italian food basket the final nail in the coffin.  'Great' I'm thinking to myself.  A bottle of booze and a basket of animal flesh.  Way to go residential properties.

Break with tradition on your next home sale and give the gift of handmade.  We have an entire shop section dedicated to Realtor closing gifts.  From family name signs to platters, small plates and generic welcome signs.  Each is made to order and is sure to please any taste or aesthetic.  They come in a variety of designs and colors- our nautical plates have been a huge success with coastal properties across the east and west coast. If you're interested in our nautical themed items, you'll love our welcome sign.  It's adorned with a boarder of sea shells and starfish.  Perfect for any entry way or front door.  Our small plates make a great dish for a votive candle or a catch all for pocket change or your keys.  Serve cheese and crackers or simply display! Looks great as is or in a set of three.  It's hard not to appreciate a hand crafted piece of art.  Are you a Realtor? We're happy to work directly with Realtors and their firms to establish unique team/business/individual specific designs.  Create a signature 'look' for your company by providing a unique product to all of your clients.  Many Realtor choose a signature house number sign design.  It's become a sign of local success and pride!

Nursery decor: ditch the D.I.Y

Struggling with choosing nursery name decor? Skip the D.I.Y and purchase handmade from the pros.  We offer an incredibly well made product with pride- each made to order in our Rhode Island Studio.  Seen here in chevron print.  All products available on our nursery name sign product page in the left menu.  Enjoy!

Woof Woof! Tails are wagging!

We had a great time working with clients at Woof Woof Dog Boutique in Warren RI.  Woof sell everything your pup will ever need from puppy to senior!  Toys, accessories, treats and carefully curated foods that are naturally good for your furry friends.  Shop local this year and skip the big chain stores like PetCO.  Woof Woof is clean, impeccably stocked, and the staff is friendly and knowledgable.  They know all about the products because they trust them enough for their own pets.  Thanks again for having us! 

Mod Mama: Making Prints and Memories

We had a lovely time doing custom hand prints and foot prints in shop at Mod Mama with our sister company Weirdgirl Creations We immediately fell in love with the staff and the space.  We feel so fortunate to work with such a lovely group of women who enjoy what they do as much as we do! Remember to shop local at Mod Mama for all of your baby, toddler and early childhood needs!  From car seats and strollers to accessories and clothing, Mod Mama has it all!  Couldn't make the work shop? No worries! Drop in to paint pottery on your own in studio at Weirdgirl Creations in Barrington at 33 Kent street.  We are located in suite B! 

Behind the Product: Hunter Green House Number

At In God We Trust Ceramics, we offer high quality, custom made, hand made to order house numbers, address plaques and address number signs. At In God We Trust, we understand that house plaques, address markers and street number signs increase the curb appeal of your home. Our personalized, made to order, handmade address plaques are created with low fire white clay and high quality underglazes. All personalized house address signs are custom-made to order by hand in our Rhode Island Studio.  Here on our blog, we take a second each day to talk about and highlight a single product, it's production and inspiration.  We hope to give our clients a better look into our process and a day in the studio!

Nursery Sings: The perfect gift for new moms.

Shopping for friends having a second or third child can be difficult.  Most parents have all of the essentials as far as clothing, bibs, burp cloths and toys go from the previous children. Naturally, many moms look to incorporate their child's name somewhere in the nursery, but name decor can be a tricky market to navigate.  Our name signs are the perfect shower gift or baby gift for new moms or moms with multiple children.  Finding a sign with your babies name on it will yield plenty of wooden letters and hand painted canvas.  Many frustrated moms and dads end up opting for single over sized letters or simplified wood letter cut outs to hang in this child's room as a last result.  None compare to the rustic and distressed baby name signs that we create in our Rhode Island studio. 

Hanging your child's name in the room or on the door can be a nice finishing touch.  Our baby name signs for the new nursery come in a variety of colors and designs and can be hung from a tea hook or screwed directly into the wall or door.  Our name signs for your babies nursery or toddlers room are available on our website or etsy shop.  Share and tell your friends! Remember to shop locally and support local businesses.  Did you know that if all consumers spent just 5% more on American made goods, they could help to create nearly one million US jobs?  Small changes in your spending habits mean big changes in your local and national economy.  Shop In God We Trust Ceramics this Christmas for your friends and loved one, and don't forget these as a gift for the new mom in your life

 Our Molly sign is shown here in our natural earth tone color scheme and highlighted with lime green, cobalt blue and light blue.

Our Molly sign is shown here in our natural earth tone color scheme and highlighted with lime green, cobalt blue and light blue.

Additionally, the nice part about our name signs is that their well considered design will grow with your child.  Eventually these name signs become great door decor, marking your child's space in the house.  Many teenagers and adults will go on to display these signs in their rooms and homes- screwing them directly into the door or wall using simple screws as opposed to the ribbon and tea hook.

Day One, The Story Behind The Product

Our new segment, Behind the Product, will give you a behind the scenes look at the inspiration for and production of our products.  We will feature one or two products a week and give you  a brief background on each.  We love connecting with our clients and sharing our process,  This week, we have highlighted our chevron print nursery sign.  Enjoy!

Choosing Decor: A Nursery that will Grow with your Baby

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is the chance to create a nursery for your baby.   It’s easy to get to work on your nursery project now with idea forums like Pinterest and a billion dollar baby industry out there with every product imaginable.  For those who want personalized nursery décor items versus mass-produced products sold at Target, Wal-Mart, and Babies R’ U,  online shopping sites like Etsy and our own web site, www.ingodwetrustceramic.com offers a unique shopping experience with handmade items made for you by artists.

I am due with my second child in six weeks and due to exciting changes and circumstances the nursery is just now getting painted.  We moved two months ago and the nursery was last on my list as the baby will be sleeping next to me in a co-sleeper for several months.  I’ve never met a baby who comes home and says, “Wow mom, you really should have finished my nursery…..”  But like any expecting mom, I want to create that space.  There is wonderful feeling of readiness that to-be moms get (myself included) when the stage is set.  My three-year-old daughter’s nursery was done long before her birth.  I remember choosing my color palette and getting ideas for a small mural, cribs, mobiles and décor even before I found out her gender (I knew she was a girl : )


Nursery Product Collage

Room to Grow

I tend to be pretty frugal and practical and it was important to me then, as it is now, to have a nursery that will grow with a child – at least until pre-school or pre-k.  I can honestly say, not too much has changed in my daughter’s room except for the addition of probably 30 figurines that she has painted at our pottery studio.  These items including a horse, squirrel, unicorns, dolphin, penguins, and heart shaped jewelry box are proudly displayed on painted shelves that were repainted and once held my husband’s trophies in his childhood room.   Minor things like bedding have changed and obviously the changing pad is gone but other than that….. I think I did a pretty good job! 

Color Schemes and Themes

I wanted a classic but somewhat bohemian nursery that was feminine but not over-the-top with pink and frills.  I selected a color scheme including Tiffany blue and antique pink along with some white, gray, and lime green.  I fell in love with owls that became my theme (two months later it was the most popular nursery theme around!).  I tried to be careful not to overdo the whole “owl” thing and let me tell you it can be tough because there are so many specific products and designs out there.   Instead of getting the entire set of owl bedding, owl artwork, and owl stuffed animals, I stuck with my overall idea and color scheme and brought in a few owl-related pieces. 


Collecting and Combining

My mom found these awesome owl throw pillows at Home Goods- they looked hand made!  They had a patchwork feel that added a little bit of bohemian flare to the nursery and really great embroidered details.  We also created a line of rustic mobiles:  http://www.ingodwetrustceramics.com/mobiles/   My daughter has a three-piece ceramic owl mobile which hang from a faux white-birch branch.  This looks fantastic on the wall or hanging from a sturdy tea hook in the ceiling.  She still loves it and I actually made another one in a different color scheme that hangs in the dining room. I also found an owl canvas at Target for about $15 that I am not really in love with anymore but at least it was only $15…..


            I was so excited to take some of our own In God We Trust ceramic products and weave them into the nursery.  Her birth inspired new designs and products including high contrast animal mobiles, chevron prints, and wall sconces with battery operated tea lights http://www.ingodwetrustceramics.com/baby/   These pieces are unique, hand made, and they are available a variety of color schemes (as well as custom color schemes) to fit in any nursery theme. 

One of my favorite pieces the room is her hand made ceramic name sign.  There are so many name sign options out there- photos, wooden plaques, tiles, frames, etc. but I truly haven’t found anything that compares to our handmade nursery name plaques http://www.ingodwetrustceramics.com/nurserysigns/  You can find these on our ETSY store as well and they are favorite and pinned on many baby boards on Pinterest! There is something so unique about the texture and style and color schemes available.  My daughter has her name sign on the next to her baby hand and footprints in clay.  My husband and I brought her in at just 3 days old to press her hands and feet into clay- capturing her tiny fingers which, 3 years later, have grown quite a bit. 


Our handmade nursery items from In God We Trust aren’t just something that will stay in a nursery for a year or so.  They will grow with your child through every style phase.  Each item is hand made by one of three people- my mom, my sister, or myself.  We enjoy making each piece to order.  We also love to see REAL PHOTOS of our work in your nursery.  Please visit our Facebook page and let us see how our ceramic nursery décor fits enhances the nursery theme that you brought to life.  Please visit our Facebook page to share your nursery photos featuring our handmade ceramic nursery products:  https://www.facebook.com/InGodWeTrustCeramics   

Best of luck to all the moms and moms-to-be reading this.   Enjoy your nursery project and please share our products with a friend!


Product Credits from my nursery idea collage:

Owl Pillow- TracyBDesigns on Etsy

Ceramic Hand and Footprint in Clay-  Weirdgirl Creations Pottery Studio, Barrington, RI ,  www.ingodwetrustceramics.com

"Olivia" ceramic name signs- www.ingodwetrustceramics.com

Faux Chandelier- Urban Outfitters

Owl Mobile with faux birch branch- www.ingodwetrustceramics.com


Cityscape book case- Land of Nod

Crib Bedding- Land of Nod - Well Nested Organic Baby Bedding in Pink