Choosing Decor: A Nursery that will Grow with your Baby

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is the chance to create a nursery for your baby.   It’s easy to get to work on your nursery project now with idea forums like Pinterest and a billion dollar baby industry out there with every product imaginable.  For those who want personalized nursery décor items versus mass-produced products sold at Target, Wal-Mart, and Babies R’ U,  online shopping sites like Etsy and our own web site, offers a unique shopping experience with handmade items made for you by artists.

I am due with my second child in six weeks and due to exciting changes and circumstances the nursery is just now getting painted.  We moved two months ago and the nursery was last on my list as the baby will be sleeping next to me in a co-sleeper for several months.  I’ve never met a baby who comes home and says, “Wow mom, you really should have finished my nursery…..”  But like any expecting mom, I want to create that space.  There is wonderful feeling of readiness that to-be moms get (myself included) when the stage is set.  My three-year-old daughter’s nursery was done long before her birth.  I remember choosing my color palette and getting ideas for a small mural, cribs, mobiles and décor even before I found out her gender (I knew she was a girl : )


Nursery Product Collage

Room to Grow

I tend to be pretty frugal and practical and it was important to me then, as it is now, to have a nursery that will grow with a child – at least until pre-school or pre-k.  I can honestly say, not too much has changed in my daughter’s room except for the addition of probably 30 figurines that she has painted at our pottery studio.  These items including a horse, squirrel, unicorns, dolphin, penguins, and heart shaped jewelry box are proudly displayed on painted shelves that were repainted and once held my husband’s trophies in his childhood room.   Minor things like bedding have changed and obviously the changing pad is gone but other than that….. I think I did a pretty good job! 

Color Schemes and Themes

I wanted a classic but somewhat bohemian nursery that was feminine but not over-the-top with pink and frills.  I selected a color scheme including Tiffany blue and antique pink along with some white, gray, and lime green.  I fell in love with owls that became my theme (two months later it was the most popular nursery theme around!).  I tried to be careful not to overdo the whole “owl” thing and let me tell you it can be tough because there are so many specific products and designs out there.   Instead of getting the entire set of owl bedding, owl artwork, and owl stuffed animals, I stuck with my overall idea and color scheme and brought in a few owl-related pieces. 


Collecting and Combining

My mom found these awesome owl throw pillows at Home Goods- they looked hand made!  They had a patchwork feel that added a little bit of bohemian flare to the nursery and really great embroidered details.  We also created a line of rustic mobiles:   My daughter has a three-piece ceramic owl mobile which hang from a faux white-birch branch.  This looks fantastic on the wall or hanging from a sturdy tea hook in the ceiling.  She still loves it and I actually made another one in a different color scheme that hangs in the dining room. I also found an owl canvas at Target for about $15 that I am not really in love with anymore but at least it was only $15…..


            I was so excited to take some of our own In God We Trust ceramic products and weave them into the nursery.  Her birth inspired new designs and products including high contrast animal mobiles, chevron prints, and wall sconces with battery operated tea lights   These pieces are unique, hand made, and they are available a variety of color schemes (as well as custom color schemes) to fit in any nursery theme. 

One of my favorite pieces the room is her hand made ceramic name sign.  There are so many name sign options out there- photos, wooden plaques, tiles, frames, etc. but I truly haven’t found anything that compares to our handmade nursery name plaques  You can find these on our ETSY store as well and they are favorite and pinned on many baby boards on Pinterest! There is something so unique about the texture and style and color schemes available.  My daughter has her name sign on the next to her baby hand and footprints in clay.  My husband and I brought her in at just 3 days old to press her hands and feet into clay- capturing her tiny fingers which, 3 years later, have grown quite a bit. 


Our handmade nursery items from In God We Trust aren’t just something that will stay in a nursery for a year or so.  They will grow with your child through every style phase.  Each item is hand made by one of three people- my mom, my sister, or myself.  We enjoy making each piece to order.  We also love to see REAL PHOTOS of our work in your nursery.  Please visit our Facebook page and let us see how our ceramic nursery décor fits enhances the nursery theme that you brought to life.  Please visit our Facebook page to share your nursery photos featuring our handmade ceramic nursery products:   

Best of luck to all the moms and moms-to-be reading this.   Enjoy your nursery project and please share our products with a friend!


Product Credits from my nursery idea collage:

Owl Pillow- TracyBDesigns on Etsy

Ceramic Hand and Footprint in Clay-  Weirdgirl Creations Pottery Studio, Barrington, RI ,

"Olivia" ceramic name signs-

Faux Chandelier- Urban Outfitters

Owl Mobile with faux birch branch-

Cityscape book case- Land of Nod

Crib Bedding- Land of Nod - Well Nested Organic Baby Bedding in Pink