Behind the Product: Hunter Green House Number

So sorry we totally missed our post of the day yesterday! I'm already slacking on the 'Behind the Product' segment.  Sorry guys!  The studio has been really busy with paint your own pottery at our sister store, Weirdgirl Creations ( in Barrington RI. If you're local, you can come visit us and shop our handmade work right in studio- pretty awesome! We are located at 33 Kent St in Barrington RI in Suite B.  It's the Christmas season which means it's time to shop for gifts!  Whether you want to drop in and make your own, or purchase one of our hand made pieces, you can't go wrong buying local, handmade work.  

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.12.54 PM.png

Today, I'm going to tell you about one of my favorite pieces, our sage green house number tile.  It's one of my favorites because of it's neutral color scheme and bold, earthy green background.   Many of our clients purchase our address marking plaques as gifts, but are unsure as to what colors their friend, family member etc would like best.  Our sage green house number tile does especially well because of it's transient, pleasing, and generally accepted neutral color scheme.  I always envision this house number marker on the door of a more conservatively decorated house.  Homes that are more traditionally painted and kept.  This color scheme also looks great on saturated color.  I had one on my home, which is a bright eggplant purple with red shutters and doors, and it looked fabulous with the wide range of bright colors. 

When in doubt, our clients are always encouraged to show their friend or family member the site to get a feel for the styles available.  This particular design amongst others has been a tried and true design through the years.  Because of the deep sage color against the wiped away background, our house number signs show up great from the road.  They make an excellent alternative to traditional house number hardware and digits.  Our hand made house number tiles add instant curb appeal to your home and your neighbors will love to look at it! 

Our address markers are truely unique- there is simply nothing like it on the market today.  Update the outside of your home with one of our house number signs and support small businesses! Please note:  At In God We Trust Ceramics, we offer high quality, custom made, hand made to order house numbers, address plaques and address number signs. At In God We Trust, we understand that house plaques, address markers and street number signs increase the curb appeal of your home. Our personalized, made to order, handmade address plaques are created with low fire white clay and high quality underglazes. All personalized house address signs are custom-made to order by hand in our Rhode Island Studio.