Woof Woof! Tails are wagging!

Dog Prints at Woof Woof, Warren RI

Woof Woof pet boutique in Warren RI invited us in to do some paw prints with their adorable clientele of pooches across all breed and size ranges.  We saw pugs, Bull mastiffs, tea cup yorkies, mutts of all mixes, puppies and senior citizens.  Bianca had a great time hanging out with the pups of Woof Woof, and lovely staff on hand during the event.

Our two rescues love their treats and swag from Woof Woof!  When Sherri invited us in to do prints at several of her events, we jumped at the opportunity.  Woof Woof offers a large selection of hand baked goodies and incredible toys for the pooch in your life!  They carry an excellent selection of carefully curated dog foods- no preservatives or artificial ingredients in this dog boutique! Only the best for our furry children :)

Sherri is a dedicated shop owner with endless amounts of experience in the field.  She works closely with the Boxer Rescue, a not for profit dog rescue, saving, fostering, and adopting out boxers in need in the Rhode Island area.  Remember when looking for a pet that adopting is always a better alternative to purchasing a dog from a large pet store or breeder using unethical breeding practices. 

Woof Woof sits on Warrens historic Main Street and boasts and excellent selection of carefully curated toys, food, supplies, supplements and treats for your fluffy loved ones.  We dropped by on several occasions to create unique hanging ornaments for Woof Woof clients!  A portion of our proceeds during our last visit went towards the Bristol Animal Shelter, and additionally, we work to donate to Friends of Falmouth- a rescue group based in the Cape where we adopted our beloved Fern (god rest her soul).  Fern was a puppy mill rescue, left for dead on the side of a road with severe hernias, no teeth, and clear signs of the terrors experienced in life at a puppy  mill.  With some TLC from Tanya (one of our weirdgirls) she was able to live out her life in peace with other elderly pup friends by her side :)  We really appreciate Woof Woofs commitment to the local shelter and adoption of furry friends in the state! 

We took pups one at a time and impressed their paws into wet clay slabs.  Puppy parents chose a color for the print, and waited patiently for 4-6 weeks for their prints to be completed! Check out some of the images below of finished prints and prints in process! 

Couldn't make any of the events? No Problem! Book your print with us in studio at 33 Kent street in Barrington RI.  Remember to always shop local and support small business! Shop Woof Woof in Warren RI for all of your pet needs.  You can visit their website directly by clicking on any of the links throughout the post.  

 Life lessons learned at Woof Woof :)

Life lessons learned at Woof Woof :)