Choosing a House Number: Mixing Function and Aesthetics

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Friends of mine just bought a new house- it is PERFECT- it reminds me of a dollhouse!  When I drove through the neighborhood I couldn't help but notice the other homes and of course, the house numbers as I searched for hers.  I drove through a sea of generic Home Depot style house numbers.  I saw a couple of hand painted wooden signs but they were faded and difficult to read.  Then I passed one that I loved- made by US of course!  It was our nautical theme tile in cobalt.



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 One of the very first things I changed when we bought our 200 year old colonial two years ago was the house number.  For such a special house I felt that the house number was so.... boring.  I thought about finding some old, wrought iron numbers but all of the other hardware on the house is black and I knew that our number would not stand out from the street.  That's why love In God We Trust Ceramics custom house numbers.  There are many color schemes available and sizes to suite your house number whether it is #1 or 1422 or apartment 23C.  



Your house number should be:

  • Visible/readable from the street
  • Address numbers should contrast with the wall in color and finish
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Thinking of Placing Your Order? 

Please visit the "house number" section of our site to view our size and color scheme options.

A house number is a great way to update and personalize your home.  This is also a fantastic housewarming gift!  If you are looking for a great housewarming gift but you don't want to order a house number, check out our name plaques from one of our Etsy shops as well!

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