Navigating all of our Etsy stores and products!

What's the deal with all of your Etsy stores and products?!

We get this question a lot given our multiple sites for purchasing all of the hand made items we have to offer!  While we offer  variety of products ranging from baby name signs, address signs and baby hand and foot print kits to go, we also offer a number of one of a kind items exclusively through our Etsy shops.  In order to ease the experience of our clients, we've created several Etsy stores that sell specific items related to the following occasions including baby gifts for baby showers and nursery decor, wedding items like favors and wedding platters, and real estate related items like House number signs, home signs and first home ornaments.   In addition to these occasion specific stores, we also service our clients through our main etsy shop where all items are listed, and our main website here.  

Our baby name and hand or foot print kits by mail are available through our main etsy shop by clicking here, or our specific baby shop by clicking here.  


One of a kind items like this gorgeous wheel thrown mug can be found by clicking here.  One of our co-owners loves throwing these one of a kind beauties and sells them as she goes.  Shop while you can!  New mugs made available bi-monthly.  

There are other mugs available in our 'mug' section on our etsy shops left menu.  Click here to view all available one of a kind mug options!


We also offer a variety of baby name signs for nursery doors and walls on both our regular etsy shop, and our specific nursery shop!  Ceramic baby name nursery signs are available in a variety of colors and designs, including traditional pinks and blues to neutral grays, greens and yellows.  Click here to see what we have to offer in our baby etsy shop! 

Our house number signs are by far the most popular item we sell on both our main website here, and both of our etsy shops featuring the address plaque designs.  Click here to shop them in our specific realtor gift and house warming party related etsy shop!  Also visit our main shop here to view all of our current offerings. 


Say "I Do!" To gorgeous, one of a kind wedding favors, bridal shower gifts, or gifts for bridesmaids, maids of honor, and mothers of the brides and grooms.  Our Etsy shop dedicated to bridal related ceramic items features platters, vases, ornaments and plates perfect for every wedding occasion.  Click here to view all of our offerings in our wedding Etsy shop!

Co-Owner Bianca makes adorable clothing and home decor items!  Check out her Etsy shop and see all she has to offer!  From throw pillows to shift dresses, we've got you covered as well.  With a focus on sustainable fashion, every item is made to order or created using textile waste.  Click here to see more from Clothes Horse Clothing!

Please never hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our handmade products!  We are always coming up with new product and posting one of a kind items on our etsy shop.  As always, visit us here 24/7 for our regular collection items!  As always, thanks for shopping small <3