What to give: at a baby shower!

Knowing what to give at a baby shower can a difficult decision to navigate- especially when the options seem limited and over done.  New moms can only receive so many burp cloths, binkys, blankets, copies of 'What to Expect When You're Expecting', Diaper Genies, bibs and onesies. Mix up your gift giving routine with one of our modern alternatives!

Mobiles make excellent gifts for any nursery!  The best part? Every mobile we create is one of a kind.  No two are the same! Shop available styles while they last by clicking here or the image above. 

Unlike traditional nursery name decor, our adorable name signs can be purchased in a variety of color combinations here on our website by clicking here, or our etsy shop by clicking the photo above. 

Tiffany Blue Hand or Foot Print Kit

Our baby hand and foot print kits are by far the most popular baby gift we offer.  The recipient presses their child's hand or foot into the model magic clay kit provided.  From that impression, we create these gorgeous ornaments.  Click here to see all of the available styles and colors. 

Our hand print kits come in two main styles, organic and circular.  Our circle cut prints are not to exceed 4 inches and are intended for newborns, where as our organically cut prints are suitable for prints up to 4.5 inches with an added cost of $5 per inch.  Generally speaking hand prints in our organic style design work well for newborns through toddlers.  Older children can be printed upon request at the additional cost per inch of print.  

Our organic cut prints are available in a solid or distressed finish, your choice at checkout.  They feature a quarter inch border and hang from natural twine.  Our circle ornaments are also strung from the same natural twine and feature a solid finish of color around each raised hand or foot print in the center of each design.

When you order a print kit, you will receive a package containing the following items:

  • A package of model magic clay.
  • Instructions.
  • A copy of your order.
  • A Pre-paid and addressed mailing box with which to return your prints. 

The person receiving the package will fill out the required form and create impressions of their child's hand or foot using the package of model magic clay provided.  We have a video here demonstrating the entire process!  Once the clay is removed from the package, do your best to flatten the clay into a smooth patty.  It may be best to have a friend or adult present to help you with the process.  You then press the child's hand or foot into the clay patty and set aside to dry.  

Once the print is dry, package it into the materials provided, and mail it back in the pre-paid box to us.  Once we receive your model magic prints, your ceramic prints are typically completed in a 4- 6 week period.  We tend to finish closer to the 4 week mark but say 4-6 weeks to account for our often unpredictable New England weather for drying times and humidity. 

Unlike traditional 'do it yourself' kits using plaster or homemade clays which naturally deteriorate over time, your prints will be created using a low fire ceramic and kiln fired.  Ceramic prints last a lifetime (unless of course you break them).  See below an image of our mail order print on display.  Ornaments can be Christmas related, but look great displayed all year round in any living space.   Hang in the window, inside a frame in our babies nursery, or from a tea hook down your busiest hallway. 

 Pictured on top of the commemorative photo and poem for her nephew's baptism.

Pictured on top of the commemorative photo and poem for her nephew's baptism.

Not celebrating human children? Not quite ready for human kids just yet?  Celebrate your fur babies in the same way with our pet paw print kits!  Same exact process, slightly different result (4 fingers, not 5?)- you get the idea. Our pet paw print kits are available here on our website and also in our etsy shop! Click here to see what we have to offer on etsy, or the photo to be directed to our page here at InGodWeTrustCeramics.com.