Shopping Local, what you can do to boost the economy.

Did you know that if every consumer spent just 5% more on American made goods, they could help to create nearly one million American jobs? That's big business.  There is little we can do outside the voting booth to combat the obvious legislative short comings and restrictive decision making crippling small business in America, but there are some steps you can take to do your part!  Making a conscious effort to shop at local grocers, gift stores and family owned franchises is a great place to start.  In the early years of our business, we made a commitment- to make each piece of work by hand.  We agreed as a family that we would never send our production overseas, regardless of the volume of work we were faced with producing.  If the people want quality, handmade product, they will wait! We have single handedly developed an entirely unique approach to baby name decor, creating the only product not available anywhere else but here.  Our house number markers, like wise, are entirely unique and unseen elsewhere in the bustling home decor market.   Just as our product has remained unique, so too does our 'old world' process.  Each piece has slight inconsistencies- you can see our fingers in the work, our brush strokes.  There is something so magical about seeing the hints of process in a work of art, we hope to capture and replicate that magic in all of our handmade ceramic work.   This holiday season in particular, when shopping for family and friends please consider shopping locally!  When you support local businesses, you are supporting the local economy, and that's good for all of us!