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Hand Painted

Vegan Message Friends Not Food Coasters

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In God We Trust Ceramics is a cruelty free company! We promise never to use animal products in the finish or production of our ceramic wears. We created these adorable 'friends not food' mugs to support our cruelty free lifestyle! Why love one and eat another? 

A portion of all of the proceeds will benefit local animal sanctuaries and shelters. These adorable vegan and vegetarian inspired tile coasters make excellent gifts for fellow veg heads or friends who are ready to make the transition. Send a positive message at your office or school. Start a conversation at home, or just smile each time you use it!

This is a 4" tile coaster we recommend hand washing to ensure the life of your hand painted ceramic.  

Please choose from our drop down menu. Available in single or sets! If you choose a set of two, please indicate your choice animals in the 'comments' at check out. (Pig & Chicken) (Cow & Fish) Whatever two animal combo you prefer.  

Feel free to message us should you have any questions! Each item is painted, glaze and fired to order by hand. Exact image placement and line quality will vary from mug to mug as each is painted by hand. A unique quality of handmade work.

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