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Floral Red House Number Tile

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Our hand made ceramic house number tile seen here in our red floral theme, will accommodate anywhere from 1-6 digits. The border is stamped with large roses and leaves.  The floral impressions are glazed in our warm fire engine red and lime green. Exact color, orientation and size will vary from piece to piece as each is handmade to order. The address digits are underglazed in the same deep red, and stand in stark contrast to the white of the background.  The contrast created between the boarder, background and digits make this street address marker highly visible from the street. 


Exact measurements will vary depending upon how many digits you have in your home address. May accommodate up to 6 numbers. Send us a message via ‘contact us’ in the left menu for a special order of 6 or more digits, typically add $10 per digit. 



1-2 digits measure around 7.5 x 7.5 inches square. ($70 apartment size, $80 standard size)

3-4 digit house number signs measure approx. 7.5 x 11.5-12" inches rectangle shape - with numbers measuring 2.5"   ($90 apartment size, $100 standard size)

5 digit house number signs measure approx 7.5" x 13" inches rectangle shape ($110 apartment size, $120 standard size)


1-2 digits measure approx. 6.5 x 10 inches rectangle- with numbers measuring 2.5" tall ($70 apartment size, $90 standard size)

3-4 digits measures approx. 6.5 x 11.5-12" inches rectangle shape - with numbers measuring 2.5" tall ($90 apartment size, $110 standard size)

5-6 digits measures approx. 6.5" x 13.5" inches rectangle shape - with numbers measuring 2.5" tall ($110 apartment size, $125 standard size)

APARTMENT SIZE (APT Size in drop down menu)

1-2 digits measure approx. 4.5” x 7.5" with numbers measuring smaller at 1.25" in height. Add 1 inch for each extra digit.

**If you would prefer a rectangle as opposed to a square plaque when ordering 1-2 digits, order a 3 digit size and provide your address when prompted at checkout normally.  Even though your address is not three digits, you are still paying for the material cost associated with the larger plaque.**


Indicate your house number as you wish for it to appear ( 35, 453, etc) when prompted at checkout (a box will pop up as soon as you add the house number sign to your shopping cart). You will ALSO have to SELECT YOUR FINISH PREFERENCE:

  • 2 Holes & Wire(to hang your house number on a tea hook or screw)
  • 4 Holes/No Wire(for drilling directly into your door or home)
  • 4 Holes and wire 
  • No Holes


Shipping ceramic costs an arm and a leg- we apologize. While our costs are high, the safety of your ceramic house number address sign is important to us. We take extra precaution in packing your orders with recycled, earth conscious materials. Thank you for understanding! Please remember to always recycle or reuse your packing materials. Depending on your location, shipping can vary from 3-14 days for our clients overseas. 


Your sign will require a 4-6 week production/firing timeframe. While we tend to air on the side of 4 weeks, weather and drying conditions could prolong your house number sign’s production. Being a web based company, we are incredibly responsive and will always keep you updated with production/shipping notifications. If you are in a hurry to get your item please let us know, and we will do everything we can to speed up the process.


Due to the handmade to order process we are proud to offer, we cannot accept refunds or returns on handmade work. We’ve yet to experience a dissatisfied house number client! In checking out, you are accepting that your item was hand crafted and custom made. It cannot be resold or donated as it was made specifically for you! Thank you for understanding. 


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Additional Info

A house number is a necessary element to the outside of any home for your mailman, or visiting guests!  Our house number tiles make an excellent alternative to traditional house number digits.  Instead of singular black digits, embellish the outside of your home with a hand made house number in one of our signature themes. 

Our floral impression ceramic house number tile are embellished with our popular red floral rose boarder. Both the flowers and the street address are painted in the same deep red.  The leaves of each flower are painted in lime green.  The background of this address sign is intentionally left white to create a strong contrast between the information and the background.  We are committed to making the address number stand out so that it is highly visible from the road.  Our house number tiles can be screwed directly into the door, your home, or a front yard tree or hung by wire on a tea hook.  Our house number tiles make excellent house warming gifts for the special people in your life making the commitment to buy a home.  Putting your house on the market? Add instant curb appeal to your home with one of our custom house numbers in your specific set of digits.  We also work with a handful of realtors to provide a house number tile as a gift to all of their purchasing clients.

All of our house number markers are always personalized and made to order with your specific, customized house or apartment number.  Ceramic house numbers have always been a traditional favorite, but have lost their hand made appeal to mass production overseas.  Our house number markers are made by hand in our Rhode Island studio one at a time.  Perfect for making your home visible on the street beyond.