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Ceramic Feather Mobile Strung with Natural Twine on a Green Faux Sapling Branch. Perfect nursery decor or housewarming gift idea!


This adorable feather mobile is handmade and one of a kind. 

Each ceramic feather is hand texturized and cut. Feathers hang from a green faux sapling branch. Bends with ease! Each feather hangs from this branch from a piece of natural twine.  

There are a total of 6 feathers. Two of the feathers are a vibrant teal, two feathers are a vintage red-orange, and the last two feathers are a classic neutral ivory.

The entire structure hangs from two strands of natural twine with a loop for easy installation on a tea hook. Would also look great having from the ceiling in addition to against a wall as pictured here.

This multimedia feather mobile is perfect for any setting. Looks great in a living room setting, a nursery or any other room of your home that needs sprucing up. Choosing elevated decor that can grow with your taste and style can be difficult- we aim to create these pieces for you and yours.

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