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Adirondack Chair Ornament


This circular shaped ornament favor features an impressed set of Adirondack chairs . The entire ornament is first underglazed in a deep purple and wiped away to reveal the impressed Adirondack chairs. Stained background gives the ornament a 'distressed' look. The impressed chairs are made bold and vibrant against the distressed, wiped away background of the ornament. Measure around 3" x 2.5". Exact size, finish and placements may vary as each is made by hand.

These make a beautiful gift, a great way to share your day with your guests, or simply a treasured keepsake. Not just for Christmas, display them year round on a tea hook at home.

Ornaments hang on your choice of wire or natural twine.  Enter your personalization information when prompted at checkout or opt out to purchase the ornament as is. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production, firing, glazing and shipping. We offer discount pricing for orders of 100 or more. 

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Additional Info

Measuring around 3.5 inches across, our 'I Want A Pony' ornaments are the perfect gift or home decor purchase for all of us who to this day, still want a pony.

An impression of a carousel horse is surrounded by our signature  lace print, highlighted with peach and mint green.  The hole from which the ornament hangs is accented by a silver and bronze washer stack.  This Ornament hangs from natural twine.  The entire ornament is coated with our favorite natural tone underglaze and wiped away to reveal the various textures and details.  Impressed areas stand out against the distressed background. One of a kind- shop while you can!