Statement Bowls

Set of 3- Small, Medium and Large Drape Bowl Set


Set of three of each of our standard sized drape bowls

These pretty little organic shape vessels are the perfect containers for fruit, a small plant, succulents, a candle.  Or display on there own to pretty up your table.   Purchase a set of three as a centerpiece for votive candles for year round display.  

Created from a draped slab with our signature lace texture impressed into the wet clay this piece is glazed in a warm white - compliments any decor.  All texture appears on the outside surface of this small decorative dish with a smooth inside surface.

Because each bowl is draped to order, exact measurements will vary with each piece.  

Small: 4-5 inches Width, 3-4 inches Height.

Medium: 6-7 inches Width, 3-4 inches Height.

Large: 10 inches Width, 3-4 inches Height.

Each drape is slightly different- folds and overlaps will vary with each bowl, a unique quality of handmade work.  Thanks for understanding!

Available in four sizes- Small, Medium, Large (pictured) and Serving.  Click each respective word above for direct link to each listing size. 

Great housewarming, realtor closing gift, wedding present, or something beautiful for your counter or table to make your smile.  Give the gift of handmade at your next celebration.  

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