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Teach A Man to Fish Tile


"Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day... Teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime."

Stamped and textured, this garden stone is handmade and hand painted with a background in our neutral earth tone.

Parts of the fish are accented by our beautiful deep purple, the the lettering is hand brushed on with the same beautiful deep purple. 

Order as a thick garden stone for outside, or as a wall hanging with silver wire.

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Our hand made wall hangings make great gifts or home upgrades for your own home.  Many of our wall hangings and plaques include motivational and uplifting quotes or phrases.  Some are simply decorative.  Hang them from a tea hook or screw.  Many of our wall hangings and plaques have some type of nautical theme, featuring anchors and sea shells.  As implied by our name, we create many plaques and wall hangings with phrases about God and faith.  Our wall hangings are hung with wire.  The wire can be removed so that the tiles can be drilled directly into your door or home.  House warming parties can be difficult to shop for, our handmade plaques and wall hangings make it easy.  Add instant curb appeal to your home with our handmade welcome sign, or start your morning off right with one of our Proverbs 3:5-6 plaques in your office at work.  Customize with personal information for a special occasion or purchase as is. 

This particular tile makes a great hot plate or coaster and features a fish impression.  We love the phrase it features, reading 'Teach a Man to fish'.  We live by this old proverb and hope to share it with our customers.