Earth Tone Rustic Wedding Spoon


Our rustic wedding spoon is underglazed in an overall earth tone.  The moss and earth colored underglaze is gently wiped away to give the spoon a distressed look while revealing the delicate textures of the lace and text.  Measures 10" long, spoon has 4" diameter. 

Choose to customize with your special anniversary, wedding or otherwise important date stamped inside of the spoon along with the word love. The handle is delicately twisted coils which meet to loop at the ends.  Great for display on a table surface or on a wall.  Click here to see this adorable twist on the traditional wedding spoon in Ivory.

Food safe, hand wash recommended to ensure the life of your handmade spoon.  

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We're so thrilled to see wedding spoons making a comeback across Etsy and Pinterest!  Our take on this traditional favorite is perfect for any rustic or vintage inspired wedding.  Unlike many offerings in the industry, personalized information is actually pressed directly into the clay.  Your customized date, and name information will never fade or rub away.  

This versatile, hand crafted spoon makes a great gift for newly weds, new homeowners, or that special someone for upcoming anniversaries.  Have your anniversary or wedding date stamped directly into the spoons center.  If you're purchasing as a housewarming gift, you can impress the closing date or year for first time homebuyers to commemorate the purchase of their first house.  

In addition to hanging from the natural twine loop, clients have also used this special rustic wedding spoon in a number of other ways.  We have seen the spoon used as a centerpiece, acting as a dish for a small succulent.  Other clients have photographed their spoon as a small bedside dish for jewelry and pocket change.  

At In God WeTrust Ceramics, we believe strongly in creating work that emphasizes both form and function.  Purchase a gift or a keepsake that you will use for years to come and ditch the dust collecting items of traditions past.