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Single Handprint 4 Inch Circle Ornament Kit in Dark Purple for Newborns Strung on Natural Twine. Also available in a variety of other colors.

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Newborns only please! Print size cannot exceed 4 inches.  

Pictured here in our dark purple, our handprint kits make perfect baby shower gifts. The entire ornament is glazed in our overall brilliant violet underglaze and carefully distressed to reveal the intricate textures of your child's hand. The background is left mostly solid in finish creating beautiful contrast between your child's print and the background of this keepsake ornament. Every ornament comes strung on our natural twine for easy hanging and year round display.

Available in a variety of other colors in our shop! Click the handprint section to see all of our other offerings. 

This adorable keepsake is created in a two step process. 

1. Once you place your order, we mail you a model magic handprint kit. Once you receive your handprint kit, follow the included instructions to create your initial impression by pressing your child's hand into the provided package of model magic clay. Once your print dries, package it up and ship it back to us in the included packaging.

2.Once we receive your print, we create the three dimensional impression by pressing clay into the handprint that you mailed to us. We cut the print out into a perfect circle, fire, glaze, and fire once more before hanging the print on natural twine and mailing it back to you!  

Once we receive your print, you can expect to receive your completed print back in a 4-6 week window. Drying times vary with our fluctuating new england weather! We typically complete prints in a 4 week window, but allow ourselves the extra week or two in the event that drying times are delayed with humidity.  

The cost of this kit includes a single hand print. Each additional print will cost $35 in addition to the cost of the kit. Select the number of prints you would like from the drop down menu.  

To ensure that your prints do not get lost/confused with our other clients, we ask that you include the following information written in sharpie on the back of your model magic prints:

1. The child's name
2. The child's age

Because each ornament is made to order and created using your own model magic impression, the exact placement, orientation and overall finish may vary from piece to piece. All handmade work is created at our digression and glaze may be applied, distressed, and finished slightly different from print to print, a unique quality of handmade work. Clay has a tendency to slightly warp, and hand painted glaze can sometimes show brushstrokes. Thank you for your anticipated understanding!

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