Behind the Product: Rustic Bird Ornament

Our product of the day today are our new rustic impression ornaments.  After finishing a large scale production day, owner Bianca was discouraged with the amount of scrap clay we had generated.  Determined to use it all, we re-wedged and rolled a large slab.  Bianca cut out a dozen or so circular ornaments and began stamping her favorite phrases around images of vintage, hand cut birds, lips and carousel horses.  "I'm feeling kind of nostalgic' she had said.  With about a dozen different ideas, she set them aside, and we fired them 2 weeks later.  As someone who is currently preparing for a wedding, Bianca was thinking about favors or decor for her new home.  Most of our greatest ideas come from the items that we make specifically for ourselves. 

The specific ornament that I am sharing with you today would make an excellent wedding favor, bridesmaid gift, or simply a Christmas tree ornament.  We hang several of our ornaments all year round as wall art- decorating our kitchen windows and bedside tables.  Ornaments like the one featured today can certainly be hung all year round.  We have even seen some clients string them in their cars or hang them in their offices at work.  This particular bird ornament features lyrics from our favorite Sixto Rodriguez song, reading ''Maybe today, I'll slip away".  Sixto Rodriguez is a fascinating musical icon.  We watched the documentary 'Searching for Sugarman' and fell in love with his music- he's a more lyrically talented Bob Dylan (I know I'm going to get crap for saying it, but it's true). 

All of these rustic inspired ornaments can be seen on our website.  Since Bianca was on an upcycling tear, she found some old washers in our basement and used them as accents around the holes of each of the ornaments.  The washers are strung through with natural twine and knotted for easy hanging.  All of the ornaments are hung with Bianca's favorite accent colors, peach, teal, seafoam green, and yellow.  They are all a little bit different, each one of a kind in the tradition of Bianca's work.  There is something pretty magical about only having ONE of something- to never be able to exactly reproduce it.  The magic and mystery of handmade <3 

Check out our full selection of hand made ornaments for Christmas or Wedding favors.  Or simply hang your hand made ceramic ornament as a decorative home decor accent.