Baby Hand & Foot Print Impressions in Wet Clay

Local? Call us to schedule and appointment to have your child's hands and feet impressed in wet clay.  Not local? No Problem.  Follow our easy instructions below to order hand and foot print impressions from wherever you are.  Pricing is for hand or foot up to 4"  email for pricing for larger size.

Studio Line: 401-247-1397

Location: 33 Kent St Barrington RI 02806 Suite B

Please read through the information below, and then shop by design at the bottom of this page or by clicking here!

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1.  Choose your border color  This will determine if you will send us a hand impression, foot, or both!  Enter all of your child's information when prompted at checkout and you're halfway there.

2.  Make your impression.

Once we receive your order, we will ship you the kit you need to produce your prints.  Once you receive our package, you will need to take your own impression of your child's hand and/or foot using the model magic clay provided.  All you should need is the single package we ship to you.

We use White Model Magic  No other type of modeling clay is acceptable.  Model magic has the right consistency for a good impression and enough give for acceptable durability when we begin making the impressions. Again, you will not have to purchase anything as one package is included in your purchase.  

3.  Prepare for shipping

Give your prints about 5-7 days to dry.  Keep them out of reach of children, pets, and other projectiles!  Label the back of the print with your child's first and last name and age and your contact email.  Complete the bottom portion of the form we send you with instructions and include with your prints inside the pre-addressed and paid for priority mail box.  

What Happens Next?

We use your impressions (negative) you send to make a raised (positive) print of your child's hand and or foot.  It's a processes, but my gosh, it's worth it! Where craft store kits and local paint your own pottery studios fall short, In God We Trust Ceramics will deliver.  

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date we receive your model magic prints to receive your ceramic prints.

 Clay raised foot print from your model magic impression. Ready to air dry, fire, glaze and fire again!

Clay raised foot print from your model magic impression. Ready to air dry, fire, glaze and fire again!

Why can't I just make my own prints with model magic and decorate?

You absolutely can, but model magic is absorbent and will eventually stain, crack, and deteriorate.  Also, paint on model magic doesn't look so great.   Our product is fired twice and glazed giving it a shiny finish that will last forever (unless you drop it...).  There is a significant difference in the quality of our ceramic prints and prints done in air dry clay or model magic.