Interior design and Staging Services

We are a trio design team with backgrounds in art, design, and art education.  We have bought and owned multiple homes and understand how important it is to create a pleasant, clean, inviting space for your future buyer.  We can help you improve your space to help your home sell.


What we do


 Action Plans, Redesign, and Hands-On Staging for Occupied Homes

You may not have time to do some of the tasks we suggest.  We provide hands on staging (relocating existing furniture, and coordinating the delivery and placement of new furniture, artwork, rugs, etc.).  



Consultation and Action Plan- $300-$500.  This is for homeowners looking for guidance but planning to make changes on their own.

This includes a 1 hour walkthrough of your home and property with 1-2 designers/stagers.   During this walk-through we photograph and document.  A written assessment is emailed to the homeowner with an overview of the flow of the home, and areas in need of improvement.  The action plan takes a mimimum of 1.5 hours to generate and we aim not to exceed 3 hours depending on the amount of work needed.  The action plan includes a bulleted list of recommendations which may include:

  • spaces to repaint
  • paint/color suggestions
  • furniture removal or relocation in the home
  • linens, curtains, rugs etc. to change
  • cosmetic changes such as changing cabinet hardware, railings, etc.
  • decor and artwork to remove or relocate
  • basic suggestions for de-cluttering and cleaning up the space
  • general suggestions to create better curb appeal
  • general suggestions for purchasing decor to enhance the space such as lighting, rugs, wall art, etc.


Re-Design & Staging Services-  $125 per hour 

This route provides our hands-on staging services utilizing what you already have and possibly making low-investment purchases.  The homeowner lets us know if there is budget for making purchases.  If not, we work with what is existing in the home.  We manage (most) recommendations in the action plan.  We are available to stage your home using the furniture you already have.  If the buyer provides a budget for purchases, we select and purchase items such as rugs, curtains, bedding, furniture, and art/decor to enhance the space. Other recommendations in the action plan such as painting a room, removing or replacing hardware would be handled by the homeowner and selected professionals.

*We do not rent furniture.  The homeowner would establish a budget for purchases if necessary.  We would then send over an itemized list of products and the homeowner provides money upfront for all purchases.  

*$125 hourly fee for staging services includes time spent via phone/e-mail communicating with the homeowner, shopping for home purchases, staging, and travel time.  The homeowner is provided with an invoice with an explanation/break-down of hours.

* Re-design and staging services is done over a 1-2 day period and coordinated with the homeowner.

*Furniture and decor is purchased are made with money provided by the homeowner.  Receipts are provided.  Hourly rate is applied to hours spent selecting, purchasing, and delivering items. 


Benefits of Staging

Staging is almost always less expensive than dropping your asking price

If you are moving, chances are you have or will be investing a lot of time, energy, and money into your quest While looking for your next home, you will be keeping your home pristine for showings.  You and your realtor will choose a listing price- and you probably don't want to lower that asking price.... Simple, inexpensive changes are the most efficient first steps if your home has been on the market or you need to sell quickly.  Swapping out things like bedding, curtains and rugs can reduce distractions in your online photos and client walk-throughs.  You would be surprised how  many buyers fixate on things that are so easy to change; this can prevent them from visualizing themselves in your home.

Clean, pleasant, and inviting is something EVERYONE likes.

Many types of people will walk through your home with a range of tastes, likes, and dislikes.   We can help you set the stage to create an appealing space for a wide range of buyers.  



Not everyone likes your great-aunts dining room table

Everyone has different tastes and styles.  We aren't suggesting that you paint your entire house beige and take all personal objects, photographs and artwork out.  We do, however, understand how to set up a home in a way that is clean, inviting, and "likable" to most.   This might involve moving some furniture into storage, and taking out plaid bedspreads, replacing them with something solid, light and fresh.  We can help you do this to create a better flow and to help your clients focus on the space rather than what is in it.


Color Matters

Color can make or break a space.  If you choose our "action plan" approach, you may take on a few painting projects in your home to improve the space by making it more appealing to a broader audience.  


It's Not Personal

Remember, while selling a home may prove to be an emotional experience, try to think of it as a business transaction.  You are marketing your space to someone else.  Your realtor has probably already suggested that you clean up the clutter and maybe tie up any loose ends in unfinished projects around the house.  When we make suggestions, it's not because we think your house is ugly- it is to set up spaces that will appeal to your future buyer.  We want to help you sell your home!


Photographs Matter

If your realtor has already hired and posted photos of your home, make sure to have your home rephotographed after we have provided you with staging services.  Need a photographer?  We work closely with Dan Phillips of D Phillips Studios.  Contact him directly to schedule or we are happy to schedule as part of your design package.  

Visit him here or by phone at 401-219-0988