Conditions of Handmade Work

Due to the nature of our handmade work, each piece will vary slightly.  Each piece will have slight variations in coloration, design orientation, size, and shape.  Each piece is made by hand in our Rhode Island studio.  

Because each piece is made to order, we cannot offer returns on handmade work.  We are unable to cancel orders or exchange for different styles or color schemes.  Please consider your options carefully and enter all of your information correctly when ordering your handmade items.  Thank you for understanding!


Sale Items

Because each item is custom made to order, our work never goes on sale.  Handmade is our business, we do not hold on to excess product or produce excess work.  Each item is made to order in our Rhode Island Studio.  Thank you for understanding!


Due to the nature of shipping ceramic ware, In God We Trust Ceramics ships only through Fed Ex's guaranteed no breakage program.  Shipping is dependent on the weight of the ceramic being shipped and size of the box.  Clients will receive a copy of the shipping receipt inside their order.   Smaller items will occasionally be sent via USPS and wrapped in studio.  

Sales Tax

Rhode Island's 7% sales tax is figured into the price of each piece.  There is no additional charge on top of the items and their cost to ship.

Privacy Policy

All art work, design and photography is the intellectual and creative property of In God We Trust Ceramics and their owners.  Any use, distribution or promotion of our product should be brought to the attention of the company prior to use.  Please be sure to give credit to In God We Trust Ceramics Co whenever sharing our photos and handmade work- it's just good creative karma!