In God We Trust Ceramics was founded on a simple principle: handmade work should actually be handmade. Family owned and made to order in our Rhode Island studio by mother daughter trio Meg (mom), Kyla (daughter) and Bianca (daughter).

In a world of 'same' and 'like', it's natural to crave something all it's own.  In God We Trust aims to satisfy those cravings, producing unique ceramic housewares for you and yours.  In God We Trust speaks to the American tradition of high quality hand crafted products- a legacy lost in societies recent move towards more cost effective, lower quality, mass produced goods.  While many companies boast 'handmade', their definition of the phrase may not necessarily reflect it's traditional implications.  

At In God We Trust Ceramics, your handmade items are made with our actual hands, as reflected in the surfaces and hand painted variations- absorbing our energy, becoming it's own unique work of art.  No two items are exactly the same, each is uniquely it's own.

What We Offer

At In God We Trust, we aim to provide high quality, personalized, handmade ceramic home decor for you and yours.  Find below a descriptive list of the products and services we have to offer.  Clicking the links below will direct you to our Etsy shop where you can shop all of our available products. Some products are made to order while others are uniquely one of a kind.  

House Number Signs/ Address Markers/ House Number Plaques

teal house number sign

At In God We Trust Ceramics, we offer high quality, custom made, hand made to order house numbers, address plaques and address number signs. At In God We Trust, we understand that house plaques, address markers and street number signs increase the curb appeal of your home. Our personalized, made to order, handmade address plaques are created with low fire white clay and high quality underglazes. All personalized house address signs are custom-made to order by hand in our Rhode Island Studio. 

Our house markers are an integral part in identifying your home from the street, for guests and your lovely post man or woman! Our house number signs display your most important property information and are highly visible from the street thanks to our bold color combinations and creative contrasts.  House numbers can be screwed directly into your front door, the wall of your home, a front yard tree or hung by a tea hook from wire- an option available to you at check out.   

Our Personalized Address plaques and address number tiles make excellent house warming gifts.  Our address signs can be used additionally outside of your business or office.  Personalize your house number sign with your apartment number as well- we completely customize your order to fit your specific location.  Incorporate your suite letter or apartment letter in to your address plaque as well. 

At In God We Trust, we work closely with realtors- offering exclusive house number and address sign plaquedesigns for specific real estate agents and agencies.  Contact us today about working with us to create a unique 'thank you' gift that will stay with your clients and promote your services for the life of the home. 

Baby Hand & Foot Print Ornaments

Hand and Foot Print Ornaments

Available in a variety of color options for baby showers and first babies! The process is simple:

1. Place your order, and you will receive your model magic print kit in 3-5 business days.

2. Flatten out the provided model magic clay and take an impression of your child’s hand or foot by pressing your babies clay into the clay provided.

3. Let your print dry, and ship it back to us in the shipping materials provided.

We use your model magic IMPRESSION to create a raised, 3D print in our ceramic clay in the color of your choice. Circular prints are for newborns, organic cut ornament shape for all other hand and foot sizes.

Newborn babies fit in the perfect circle print ( up to 3 inches in diameter) and all other sized prints are cut in the organic style cut. You have a choice of solid finish or distressed finish on organic cut prints, all available in our etsy shop! Click the image or any of the links in the description above to visit. Prints come in a variety of colors including pink, blue, teal, red, black, gray, green and yellow. There are a variety of tints and shades in between. All ornaments are strung on natural twine and typically ship in 4-6 weeks upon receipt of your model magic impressions. Feel free to message us on Etsy or email us at InGodWeTrustCeramics@yahoo.com with any questions. Available for order in single kits, or multiple prints from the same model magic impression. For crisper impressions, we recommend purchasing individual kits to avoid over-using your original model magic print.

Dog or Pet Print Kits To Go


Pet paw prints in clay ornament kits! For all of our dog moms and pet parents out there. Furry kids are children too :) Just like our baby hand and foot print kits, you can order one of our print kits and make an impression of any of your furry friends. Cats, dogs, bunnies, pigs- all of your four legged friends are welcomed. If you can make the impression, we can make the ornaments! You will receive our easy model magic kit in the mail- using your impression, we create this 3D raised print ornament. Perfect for pet parents or commemorating the loss of a furry family member. Available in at least a dozen colors in our etsy shop! Clay prints take around 4-6 weeks from when we receive your model magic prints in the mail. Please plan accordingly! Paw print ornaments come in a perfectly circular ornament shape and the print cannot exceed 4 inches in diameter.


Ornament Decor

Ceramic ornaments aren’t just for Christmas- our one of a kind handmade ceramic ornaments are perfect for all occasions and suitable for year round home decor. Ornaments look great on display year round in windows or office spaces hanging from a traditional or decorative tea hook. Always perfect for Christmas celebrations and new home purchases.

Offered in a variety of colors and styles, we’ve got ornaments for all occasions. From first homes, apartments and cars, these ornaments make great realtor closing gifts, wedding favors and add on’s for first cars, engagements and more.

Tie the key to your son or daughter’s new car and gift in a small jewelry box or provided burlap bag. Propose to that special someone by proposing with the ring tied to the ornament while decorating your first Christmas tree.

We work closely with realtors across the country to provide personalized realtor closing gift packages which include an ornament and dish which pair well with practical add ons like a home depot gift card or gift certificate to the local locksmith. Home is where the heart is and commemorating that feeling with one of these hand crafted ornament is both thoughtful and practical.

Baby Name Nursery Signs

Nursery name sign gray

Our nursery sign offerings are our most popular offering.  There is truly nothing else like it available on the market.  Our baby name signs are created in a variety of color themes, including pink, blue, teal, red, gray, purple, earth tone, chevron print, coral and lime green.  Our baby name signs are completely customized and personalized with your child's name, and available on one of several ribbon colors or silver wire.  

Our baby name signs and baby name decor make excellent alternatives to traditional baby name decor.  Many new parents opt for single decorative letters or personalized wood and fabric baby name signs for their children's nurseries.  While these options are nice, we find them to be a bit out-dated and 'cookie cutter' for our modern style.  Our ceramic baby name signs are completely customized with your child's name and nursery theme/color combinations.  On top of complete personalization, our name signs grow with your child.  

Your child's personalized name or nickname is impressed into a slab of clay.  The boarder is impressed with our signature fabric texture, and the name sign spends a full week or two drying prior to firing.  After bisque firing, the entire nursery sign is painted and wiped away to reveal the intricate textures of the signs boarder and your child's name!  The accent colors will vary with regard to the style that you have chosen.  Your baby name sign will be ready in around 4-6 weeks depending on drying time.  Perfect for your new nursery, or the nursery of a new mom in your life!


I Do plate

At In God We Trust Ceramics, we offer a number of different handmade ceramic items to commemorate your special wedding day,  We offer a range of items, from handmade platters and ring bearer plates to commemorative wedding spoons and bouquet impression plaques.  All of our wedding gifts, bridal party gifts and wedding platters are customizable with your names, date or wedding location.  If you can dream it, we can bring it to life.  Our wedding platters are impressed with flowers and texture.  Bride and groom names are impressed into our handmade platters.  You can always add your wedding date or anniversary into any of our platers as well.  Traditional wedding guest books get stuffed into dusty attic bins in your parents homes following the wedding.  Replace your guest book with one of our signature platters as an alternative. Our hand made and hand painted wedding platters can be signed with one of our bake on pens and baked in your own oven to make your signatures permanent.  Wedding platters can be used to serve with, displayed all year round as a centerpiece with candles, or hung on the wall with a plate stand.  Wedding Favors, centerpieces and family name signs are all available to order in our etsy shop. We offer a variety of wedding ornaments that can be personalized with dates, locations (like our personalized state to state ornaments) , or one of a kind gifts for bridesmaids, maids of honor and mothers of the bride and groom. We also offer alternatives to traditional items like plates for the ring bearer, wedding platters as alternatives to guestbooks, and gorgeous vases that can be personalized with lyrics of your choice - these can be used as centerpieces and creatively raffled off to a lucky person at every table at the end of the wedding. We also offer new-home oriented gifts for newly weds celebrating their first shared spaces together as well! Click here to visit our dedicated etsy wedding site, Tie the Knot Weddings.

Wall Hangings

Welcome sign

Our unique, one of a kind wall hangings are one of my personal favorites to make.  Each is authentic- made by hand and made to order.  Our one of a kind wall decor is impressed with various textures and imagery and feature positive, uplifting quotes about life and faith.  These wall hangings reflect many of our favorite quotes and sayings.  Things our grandmothers used to say, or just biblical quotes that have always touched our souls.

 Our wall signs are excellent for your home or office.  Hang them by your door and start your commute to work feeling positive and full of faith and love.  Hang them in your room so your chosen quote is the last thing you read before bed.  Many of our clients hang their handmade plaque in their office, your inspiring co-workers and office friends.   Many of our wall hangings are inspired by the beach, featuring sea shells, adirondack chairs,  starfish and sandy boarders.   They make perfect decor options for your beach or vacation home.  Add instant curb appeal to the outside of your home by drilling one of our wall signs directly into your door.  

Our 'welcome' signs are one of our most popular items- used as a door sign or hung in breezeways and mudrooms across the country.  Add her to your cart today, and spruce up your homes interior with some hand made wall art. 


One of our beautiful, one of a kind items available in our etsy shop features hand sculpted feathers strung from natural twine suspended from a vintage painted embroidery hoop.

One of our beautiful, one of a kind items available in our etsy shop features hand sculpted feathers strung from natural twine suspended from a vintage painted embroidery hoop.

Looking for unique, one of a kind items? These items are created in our studio and not intended for reproduction- they are truly one of a kind and available in limited quantities while supplies last! Perfect for any interior space, nursery space or office.

All of our mobiles are strung from natural twine and hang easily from a tea hook or screw in the wall or ceiling. Many feature found materials like vintage embroidery hoops and lace remnants. We are constantly sourcing these unique materials to create truly one of a kind, mixed medium home decor.

Exact sizes, orientations and hanging specifications will vary with each design. Some of our designs are suitable for the wall - those hanging from drift wood or other flatter surfaces will sit more fleshly against the wall. Some of our designs hanging from hoops may require suspension from the ceiling. Click any of the links throughout the description above or any of the images to visit our shop and products.

Draped and Folded Bowls

Drape bowl

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes in our etsy shop. Click here to view available stock! We create these organic draped bowls one at a time in our Rhode Island studio- no two are the same! The outside of every piece is texturized with our signature lace design and overgrazed to reveal the natural clay bodies warm, white perfection.

Perfect for centerpiece displays, fill these gorgeous white bowls with decor items like pinecones, candles or your favorite succulents.

Great for serving food, or stacking on feature shelves. All of our ceramic wear is food safe. Attending a housewarming party? Blow your friends away with this unique and thoughtful gift idea.

Wall Mounted Planters

Wall planter

Beautiful handcrafted wall hanging to artfully host your air plants. Our containers are created from a draped and wrapped slab with texture rolled into the wet clay. This is a one of a kind creation and as a result of our process, no two are ever exactly alike. A truly unique gift! Perfect for housewarming’s, realtor closing gifts, or of course - just for you!

While the pictured plants are not included, these wall mounted planters are great for any cut plants of your choice. Pictured here with dried eucalyptus. This container measures approximately 10” high by 5” wide at the opening in the top. Each planter varies slightly in size as each is made organically. We added wire for ease of hanging by a simple tea hook in the wall. Glazed in warm white this planter compliments any decor.


In God We Trust Ceramics makes each item by hand in our Rhode Island studio. As a result, each item is uniquely different. Slight variations in color, finish, information placement and general finish may vary. A unique quality of handmade work! Screen displays and variations in how we view the photographs through this digital platform may vary slightly. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Because all work is one of a kind or made to order, we do not offer returns or exchanges on handmade work.

All work and production times vary from piece to piece. While we typically operate in a 4-6 week window for production but drying times and production times may vary from day to day. On rare occasions, production times may occasionally run ahead of or behind schedule.

We cannot be held responsible for informational errors made on behalf of our clients. If you provide incorrect information for personalization (names, dates, numbers or locations) we will not be able to re-create your order without charge. Please be sure to check all information prior to submitting your forms.

We so appreciate your anticipated understanding!